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Using my Profile as an Order Form.

By default, when you log in your ordering Profile will appear.This lists all the products in Brand Order that you have bought from Provincial Distributors 3 months, but does not include discontinued items.

To order a product enter a quantity into the Quantity column and press tab, this will move the quantity into the Cart column.  The number entered into the Quantity column will override the previous Cart Qty.

To check what is in the Cart, press the VIEW CART underneath the Profile list.

To view an image of the product you are ordering click on View and a picture of the product will appear.

The product I want isn't on my profile.

To search for a product enter a key word from the description of the product eg. chips into the search field at the top of the page on the left and then click on the red search.This will display a list of all products with the key word in their description.

To search for groups of products you can click on a group heading under Categories on the right side of the page.  Options are; Chilled, Dry, Fresh Chicken, Frozen and Miscellaneous.

You can then enter a quantity in the quantity column and press tab or enter to move it to the cart.

You can also enter part of a product group, code or description into the filter fields to reduce the amount of products displayed. 


I want to go back to my Profile.

At any time, you can click on Profile in the top menu and it will return you to your order profile to continue ordering your product.Any products you have added to your cart will remain and you can add more to the cart.

How do I place an order?

Enter the quantity required into the Quantity column and Tab down until all quantities are entered.

Search for other products if you want to add, and Add all to Cart.

When you have entered all quantities then press the button Add all to Cart at the bottom of the page.

How do I see what I have ordered?

Click on the Cart icon in the top menu.  This will display the order you are currently placing and will display the product, quantities and pricing, as well as the total of the order.

How do I change a Quantity or Delete a product?

To change a quantity, click on Shopping Cart and select View Cart. Enter the new quantity and then click on Update Cart. 

To delete a product, click on Shopping Cart and click on the X next to the product.  This will delete the product from the cart.  The changed order will then display.  Click Update Cart.

If you made an error and don't wish to update the line click on Cancel.


How do I finalise my order?

To finalise your order click on the Cart and select the Check Out button.

Step 1: View Order- allows you to check the order.

Step 2: Other Details – you can enter your Order Number, Delivery date and any order comments.

Step 3: Account & Billing Details – make sure you have an E-Mail address entered, so that an Order Confirmation will be sent back after the Order is sent.Check the Billing Address is correct and if not, then contact Provincial Distributors to get this changed.

Step 4: Shipping Address – if you have more than one Delivery Address then select your shipping address in the Ship To Address field by clicking on the down arrow on the Address Name field to get a list of your available delivery address.  If none of these match, then please contact Provincial Distributors so we can update your details.  Step 4 - Postal Address - check the postal address is correct or update the details accordingly.

Confirm Order , to send the order Click on this button, the order will then display on the screen and you can print the order.

I want to place the same order as I placed last time.

To copy a previously placed order, click on My Invoices on the top menu.Locate the Invoice you want to copy and click on copy on the right hand side of the order. All of the lines from the Invoice, other than discontinued items will be put into your shopping cart.

I want to view my last invoice

Click on My Invoices on the top menu.Click on View in the Details column for the invoice you want to display. Click on Print to print a copy of the invoice. 

I want to view my Account Details

To view your account details click on My Account in the top menu.  This will display your Shipping and Billing address.  If these are not correct please contact the office to have them updated.